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Since its opening, the graduating class of The Choir Academy of Harlem has had 100% college Acceptance.

We have been named one of the top ten high schools in NYC - among 200 schools - and the only alternative school on the list. The Choir Academy has also been designated a Chancellor's Model School, received the National Conference of Christians and Jews Humanitarian Award and was nominated for the famed Horatio Alger Awards, only one of four schools in the state and the only inner city school. 

Choir Academy of Harlem students have a 94% average daily attendance rate (12% higher than that of the local school district). 95% of our students are passing all of their classes. On statewide tests, 79% of our students scored at or above grade level in reading and 84% achieved at or above in math. We have the second highest scores and made the greatest increase of any middle school in the district.