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The Girls Choir
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"An adventure in extraordinary music. We understand why these young artists are called "Children of the Sun."

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The Boys Choir of Harlem has become one of the definitive cultural landmarks in a city top-loaded with them... unfettered polish, uncompromising grace and disarming vitality - ascending, searing columns of pure sound.... have become The Choir's trademark."

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Click Here and Join The Boys Choir of Harlem on tour through the great cities of Spartanburg, Columbia, Savannah, Miami.........

The dawning of a new century, a new era of musical conquest for BCH See them on tour right through their Christmas Celebration at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Avery Fisher Hall - New York City.

"Building Hope Through Harmony" 1999 - The Israel Tour
The Boys Choir of Harlem brought their voices of inspiration to this most important of world stages for a stunning 2 week tour of cities and concert venues throughout Israel. In the spirit of celebration for Israel's 50th Anniversary, The Choir experienced Tel Aviv, Massada, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem and shared their songs of hope and peace with the peoples of the Holy Land.